Harbingers of a Palestinian Shoah?

“It really makes no odds to us if we kill someone.” Heinrich Himmler.

As a Jewish Israeli descendant of Holocaust survivors, I believe the comparison of the conditions in Palestine to those preceding the Shoah is not only justified, but necessary. Israel is ideologically prepared to enact a genocide on Palestinians right now. If we do not act, it will march into its new decisive stage—up to the 6th million Palestinian and over.

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CounterPunch: The NIMPE Critique of Antifa

A new form of demagoguery has emerged in reaction to the burgeoning antifascist movement. Enter: NIMPE (Not In My Present Era). Much like its NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) colleague, the NIMPE will not claim to be a pacifist, will oppose US imperialism, and will glorify combative anti-fascism in other eras and other countries. But as soon as any kind of disturbance will occur in their time, the NIMPE will categorically denounce any kind of self-defense, fighting, or denial of platform to contemporary fascists. In the process, the NIMPE will adopt and build on top of the argumentation of the far right. Because of the NIMPE’s left wing or liberal appeal, it will be used by the far right to claim mainstream legitimacy for its racist goals. Continue reading

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The Independent: My sister has just spent 110 days in Israeli prison for refusing to serve in the IDF – and I’m so proud

In the effort of organizing my internet presence, I’ll be sporadically adding here a bunch of my articles that were published elsewhere over the past couple of months. This one, showing my sister’s anarchic politics and prison organizing, was published on The Independent a day before her release from military prison.
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Al Auja: A Resistance Chronicle

On Friday 4/21/2017 shepherds from Al Auja in the Jordan Valley, Palestine were assaulted by Israeli settlers. Five solidarity activists who accompanied them were injured. A week later (4/28/2017) hundreds swarmed the hills to protest against the settlement and its violent settler outpost. Forced to act by public outrage, the police eventually evicted the outpost, and the shepherds can now access their land safely. Following is a checkered first-person account of the successful struggle those shepherds undertook.

The night after the attack. Rotem and I stay in Auja in case of a nightly raid. Continue reading

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Israel packs seven lies into one statement on the Palestinian hunger strike

Responding to international concerns with respect to the massive hunger strike held by Palestinian prisoners, the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs declared:

“The Palestinian prisoners are not political prisoners. They are convicted terrorists and murderers. They were brought to justice and are treated properly under international law.”

There are no less than seven misrepresentations in this statement:

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על אנושיות בכלא / מאת עתליה בן-אבא

לסוהרות בכלא אין שמות, כולן נקראות המפקדת. כך למדתי שכמו בכיבוש, גם כאן יחסים של דיכוי מביאים לאובדן האנושיות.

את המאמר הבא אחותי עתליה הוציאה לנו בכתב יד צפוף על כמה דפי מחברת תלושים בזמן כליאתה השנייה. היום הוא פורסם במהדורת החג של “הארץ”. אני מעלה אותו כאן לרווחת הכלל בברכת חג חירות שמח: Continue reading

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Hesitant Hope: One Year In The Jordan Valley

Bedouin shepherds were forced out of their land last Thursday, but not all hope is lost. Concluding a year of Ta’ayush activity in the Jordan Valley.


Abu Rasmi Ayoub. Photo: Amir Bitan

Rain drops sound like bullets on the tent cover and wake me before the alarm goes off. Morning in Ecome, rural Jericho area, the Jordan Valley. Continue reading

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