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Israel packs seven lies into one statement on the Palestinian hunger strike

Responding to international concerns with respect to the massive hunger strike held by Palestinian prisoners, the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs declared: “The Palestinian prisoners are not political prisoners. They are convicted terrorists and murderers. They were brought to justice … Continue reading

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The Closure of el-Hakawati Theatre and the Complementary Nature of Stones and Puppets

The annual el-Hakawati Palestinian National Theatre children festival was shut down by the Israeli Ministry of Public Security last week. Puppets, clowns, and general carnivalesque frivolity pose a threat to state authority. Writing on the frivolous mass mobilizations of the … Continue reading

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The Missing Word

It is not surprising that the word “occupation,” was not mentioned in Dennis Ross’s lecture at Middlebury College on Tuesday night. It doesn’t exist in the discourse of the Israeli government, it wasn’t mentioned during the farcical elections for the … Continue reading

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Between Gaza, Nigeria, and Middlebury

Photos from the motherland take over my mind my heart is pounding. A man called to serve in reserves talking on his phone. A car with broken window shields in Be’er Sheva. A destroyed apartment in Ashdod. Siren goes off … Continue reading

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Originally posted on The Dalai Lama Welcoming Committee:
[Don’t forget this when you’re done reading: Come to the General Assembly on Friday at 4 PM in the Warner Hemicycle] Opening Statement – Molly Stuart, Jay Saper, Jenny Marks, Amitai Ben-Abba, Sam…

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Originally posted on The Dalai Lama Welcoming Committee:
On Friday, October 12, 2012, Middlebury College welcomed His Holiness the Dalai Lama to campus.  An announcement was made that in honor of the visit from the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize Recipient,…

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אום אל עמד ובירבורי טחינת הדיכוי

פארס מאום אל עמד הוא אחד האנשים העדינים ביותר שאני מכיר. עיניים בהירות מעל חיוך אמיתי ורחב שמרוח על הפנים מעל מבנה גוף שרירי ומוצק של פלאח. איזה יום בקיץ האחרון ירדו עלינו שני מתנחלים מעותניאל בעת מרעה. המתנחלים רצו … Continue reading

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