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CounterPunch: The NIMPE Critique of Antifa

A new form of demagoguery has emerged in reaction to the burgeoning antifascist movement. Enter: NIMPE (Not In My Present Era). Much like its NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) colleague, the NIMPE will not claim to be a pacifist, … Continue reading

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Al Auja: A Resistance Chronicle

On Friday 4/21/2017 shepherds from Al Auja in the Jordan Valley, Palestine were assaulted by Israeli settlers. Five solidarity activists who accompanied them were injured. A week later (4/28/2017) hundreds swarmed the hills to protest against the settlement and its … Continue reading

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Matrimony on Violated Dirt Roads: Bits on the Firing Zone and Ta’ayush Activity

Abdallah stares for a second, like a chess player that has already picked a move but is now imagining the board after the move has been played, as a final precaution. “This hat – why do you put it on … Continue reading

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