Radicalmonkeyclown da Jerusalem is an ex-worker anarcha-clownist and involuntary recipient of Jewish privilege. Member of the movement of movements. Dislikes fetters. Recently thinking about urban autonomy in practice and theory. Always on the lookout for more angles and loves reading friends’ (and enemies’) raw and uncut unpublished manuscripts. Amitai Ben-Abba sometimes speaks publicly and writes on demand around the issues of Palestine, the Israeli social struggle of 2011, and the recent global uprising against neoliberalism. Currently exploring social centers and social movements in Rome. Feel free to contact him about anything at any time: mrmalabi [at] gmail [dot] com.

פעילות והתפלמסות פוליטית מאת ליצנקוףרדיקאלי

A selection of posts that were republished elsewhere (like +972 Magazine, Mondoweiss, Haoketz, Palestine News Networks, and other occasional clown-companions):

         Kids Play War: The Struggle of Kufr Qaddum and Footnotes on Violence

         על ההתנגדות לעקירת פראוור – זווית ירושלמית 

         The False Arrests – Umm al-Kheir

         The Closure of el-Hakawati Theatre and the Complementary Nature of Stones and Puppets

         Al Ma’asara Magic

         The Beating and Why I Come Back for More

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