I write about activism and other vegetables from the Middle East to North America. I also write fiction, which may appear here in the future if I feel like it. Please contact me for a coffee anywhere around the world or for anything else at any time: mrmalabi [at] gmail [-dot-] com.

פעילות והתפלמסות פוליטית מאת ליצנקוףרדיקאלי

A selection of posts that were republished elsewhere (like +972 Magazine, Mondoweiss, Haoketz, Palestine News Networks, and other occasional clown-companions):

         “The Term Has Become Meaningless To Me”: On Violence, Social Change, and Nonviolent Communication

         Kids Play War: The Struggle of Kufr Qaddum and Footnotes on Violence

         על ההתנגדות לעקירת פראוור – זווית ירושלמית 

         The False Arrests – Umm al-Kheir

         The Closure of el-Hakawati Theatre and the Complementary Nature of Stones and Puppets

         Al Ma’asara Magic

         The Beating and Why I Come Back for More


About Clownmonkey

Anarcha-clownist, writer, and activist from Jerusalem.
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